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Patchwork Tartan Blanket

Patchwork Tartan Blanket

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100% Woven Cashmere 

Tiger's Eye Snaps for Focus and Power of Mind

“Light for the highest good surround protect bless and lift the wearer with love joy peace health and abundance so be it”

Embroidered Edge Message 

Ethically sourced

Made in Italy 

Garment Care: Dry Clean Only

Full instructions here

Sizing: 140 x 220 cm

Our Patchwork Tartan blanket was designed specially with you in mind so that no two blankets are alike. Of the 50 pieces crafted, one is perfectly individual to you.

Each blanket is made with cashmere and adorned with Tigers Eye embellishments, to promote focus and power of the mind.

We have lovingly placed a mantra on the blanket, which also shares which of the 50 blankets is now yours to wrap you up in softness and love.



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